I'm Every Woman

Dear Sir and I went to get our taxes done. Hopefully that is the last time we are going to set ourselves back four hundred bucks. I know, Turbotax and all that. We just had complicated stuff this year, allright? Give it a rest.

So, we had the appointment at ten and the neighbor came and held down the fort a little early so I suggested that Dear Sir stop at Dunkin Donuts for fun. I have never been to one (nor have I been to a Krispy Kreme) so I was a little excited. Well, not really. I don't get excited about anything. I just wanted a donut because I have them about once a year. We walk in the place and there is a guy taking the orders and handing out the goods. There is also a woman manning the register. I told the guy my order two times because he didn't get it the first time (we were only ordering two donuts and a milk). Finally the lady rings me up, I hand her my card, and she just swipes it through. The guy breathes down her neck and says really softly, "Umm.." and she looks over at him, like she knew what he was going to say. She says, "That's allright. I know FACES, and they in here all the time!" She looks at me and chuckles as I take my receipt.

Yep, we go into Dunkin Donuts ALL the time. I had never stepped foot in one before in my life. Neither has Dear Sir, for that matter. I just smiled at the lady and walked out. Dear Sir had a good laugh.

Maybe Dear Sir goes in there with another lady that looks a lot like me---there's a thought. But when would he have time? Hmm..never. Maybe I drive there in my sleep and get donuts early in the morning. No---maybe "I'm every woman." I am the typical caucasian woman? Lots of people do tell me that I look like someone they know...Hmm...

Beats me. I got her out of a bind, is what I did. Swiped that card too fast.


Emma Sometimes said...

oh, that is funny. That actually happens to me ALL THE TIME. People ask me. One time at a new job, someone asked me if I was related to someone they knew. "Nope, but that happens all the time, I must have that face."

Three other people in the breakroom laughed and then asked me if I knew so and so....it was funny.

Oh, you mean my EEEVIL TWIN!!

Anne said...

I really like donuts. I like the "long johns" - is that what they're called? A long donut with chocolate icing filled with custard or whatever that white stuff is. I think it's lard mixed with sugar. I just love lard and sugar - YUMMY!

I know what I'm having for breakfast in the morning!

Lisa said...


R said...

Emma--you know my plight!

Anne---You are a bad little woman.

Lisa---You are forever cute.

Anonymous said...

yeah, she just wanted that guy off her back, so she made that up. you didn't say if you liked the donut or not?

Leslee said...

People always think I'm someone else. I just like to think they can tell I'm a really cool person and they're just doing everything they can to try to get my attention. I'm glad you held her cover!

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

You are so NOT everywoman! I think she was just covering her tracks with her boss.

R said...

Susie--LOVED the donut. I had a peanut one. I think I will get it again next year.

Leslee--I think it must be because you are a really cool person and people are attracted to you. Good problem to have! I was wondering if I should have held her cover, but you know, I didn't want someone requesting my ID---we were in a hurry.

Shealy--I think you are right.:)

The everywoman stuff is messing with my head. Ha ha.