Martin Luther on Yoga

If yesterday's entry was ever read, I think the problem of my frozen toes was solved, in my estimation. Sure, they were cold, but that is not normal for me. I realized last night when I was taking a HOT bath (because I was so cold) that I had marks on my ankles from my socks cutting off my circulation. That'll do it.

I am going to keep going on ailments because people love reading about that. The other day I decided since I strained my calf (maybe running ten miles was not so smart?) that I would pick up a Pilates video and do pilates. I have never done it before and my friend swears by it---says it is great and all. I am always a little leery of Yoga because I think it is wrong (and maybe that is an ignorant statement) but anything that is spiritual and not MY kind of spiritual, I am not ok with. Anyway, I think there was a little bit of Yogaish moves going on with this video and it was actually fine----it just kicked my butt. I mean, I was not out of breath and dying or anything, I just really felt it the next day. And with every exercise video, the ladies on there start doing all these moves you can't keep up with, and you end up feeling embarrassed even though no one is around to see you biff it all up.

My daughter even said while she was doing the moves with me, "This is so WEIRD, Mom!" No, it's not your typical Kathy Smith stuff. Sucking in air in spurts and puffing it out the same way. OK. I do realize that breathing is what actually burns calories, not the action you are doing. I know, sounds weird, but the action and the breathing actually work together to get the calories burned. If you get that heart pumping, you need to breathe MORE, is what I am saying. I guess that is why I have seen people selling video collections on how to "breathe to burn calories and get thin" without doing a stitch of exercise. Amazing how the body works.

But I did get through the video. In robotic fashion, but I got through it. My Oldest son, who sometimes Dear Sir and I like to call "Martin Luther", said in the middle of the video, "Did she say 'meditate'? That's not good mom."

She didn't say meditate, although I am sure she would. It is weird how he always picks up on that stuff. When she said, "Here is a common Yoga stretch that...." he quickly blurted out, "YOGA! Don't do it! What are you doing, MOM?!"

So, I refrained from doing the stretch for our Martin Luther. Besides, he might throw an inkwell at me or something.


Lisa said...

Maybe she was saying medicate? Like taking a bath in Absorbine Junior? ;o)

If I could knit, I would send you some big ole wooly socks. *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

well, watch out for raynauds symdrome. funny about people liking to read about health problems. i'd tell you what i don't like it when people talk about but i don't want to offend anyone.

maybe martin had a dream?

Emma Sometimes said...

You crack me up. I know what you mean, but not about the 10 miles (okay, do you have knees left???)

I've taken yoga classes and believe it or not, it has many incredible and scriptural principals. Yes, they have been twisted as happens and yes, I understand that the kind of meditation in yoga is not Godly.

Stretching, relaxation and finding your inner strength, which for you and me is God in us, while calming your mind? This is exactly the kind of meditation that SHOULD be done on a daily basis. But what we know as yoga, it's just another way for Satan to pervert Godly meditation..but with stretching making it an easier jagged pill to swallow.

R said...

Thank you, Lisa. I would gladly accept them if you could knit.

I don't think she said anything close to meditate or medicate. My son hears things.

Susie--my doctor in ID told me that I probably suffer from raynauds syndrome, but I am not sure. I actually have only been like this upon getting thinner (I think). I don't remember being like this. Maybe it is a plight for the old.

And---I was totally being sarcastic about people loving to talk about health problems. I remember when my Grandma would call everyone would roll their eyes because nothing but health problems came out of her mouth! I don't like it either, but I love to give advice. When I have nothing to do in my spare time maybe I should be a doctor or better yet---a dentist. I love pulling teeth.

I know Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, but Martin Luther (the man that rebelled against the Catholic Church and started the beginnings of the Reformation) was a man of God in history---if you are a Christian, you would be a Catholic now if it weren't for him. Not that being Catholic is bad at all.

Emma---I totally understand that (about Yoga) and do think that I am probably ignorant about some of it. Thanks for the clearing up.

Emma Sometimes said...

I feel like I should have a cup that says $.05 glued to me at all time. Ask badoozer, I bug the heck out of her all the TIME.

Guess what??.....

I'm a walking encyclopedia.

Leslee said...

Just so you know, Pilates was created by a dancer for dancers. The rest of the world just saw how great it was working for them and said, "hey, I want long lean muscles like a dancer too".

I'm always amazed at how I feel the pilates the next day too even when it doesn't feel like you're doing "that much".