I'm Lazy Links

I just finished reading a novel called Martin Dressler, which was really sort of strange, but for some reason I liked it. The author, Steven Millhauser, is the same guy that wrote the story that the movie the Illusionist is loosely based on. Give him a try if you will. I think he is a good modern writer. I know a lot of you could care less in a way.

I also finished reading the Gobhole Banter's Club read of the month called "Miss or Mrs.?" by my own dear Wilkie Collins. He writes great short stories and great novels. I can't wait to get into more. You guys missed out, who did not read it.

I am also loving Yo-Gos, (Anne will probably fall over at how un-nutritious they are) Fruitabus (this is great for a person like me who can not eat raw fruit or veggies), and Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee (from Rwanda).

My favorite type of running shoe is this, I think I will read this next, and maybe if I am good and he has time, this guy will go out with me at some point this week.

I am supposed to color my hair darker (it will look brown to most people that don't know how to classify various shades of blonde) this weekend, so wish me luck (I am getting it done BTW). I am going to go for either light blonde highlights or red cinnamon highlights. What do you think? I am leaning toward the cinnamon color.


Lisa said...

Cinnamon sounds nice! *Grin*

Leslee said...

Cinnamon! Cinnamon! Cinnamon!

How do you find time to read, blog, and clean your house?

Anonymous said...

if you are going browner, go with blonde highlights, just in case it is too much of a shocker, that is just my humble opinion

covering blonde really scares me, to me many times it looks grayish...so highlights help that a lot the more texture the better

R said...

Lisa---thanks for the comment.

Leslee--I don't. Is that a trick question? I skimp on one or the other. I also homeschool. I kill myself every day is what I do. So I guess I have a right to whine when I have to scrape ice off the windshield? No, I'm a wimp.

Susie--I have covered blonde before and it has always been good. I have turned grey once but I tried to ash it. Bad idea. I want darker though. Dear Sir would like it more if it were my actual color---not a few shades lighter. I would not mind going darker than that!