Periodic TV

Dear Sir, after watching a snippet of Glen Beck (who was obviously suffering from a terrible cold), climbed upstairs last night and handed me the remote. "You can watch what you want to, I think I need to go to bed."

I watched a little "Hogan Knows Best" and "What Not to Wear" and even, I might say, a little of the "Tyra Banks Show." Tyra set her show up Sally Jesse style and got the "party girls" to confess all on her stage and even allowed them to giggle and laugh about smashing in their faces or passing out because of intoxication and whatnot---- to then get a doctor to go up there and chew them out. How is that for a run-on sentence. She then got another doctor on there to show what partying does to your body's organs. And I have to say that everyone is making a big deal about how Tyra has gained some weight, but frankly, I think she looks fabulous with it. She looks perfect to me, I don't see what the big deal is.

I loved watching on "Hogan" how Brooke claims that her family has taught her morals and she poses on a male magazine so scantily clad that it makes me wince. Suddenly reminds me of Jessica Simpson.

"What Not to Wear" is always a cool show. I need Clinton and Stacey in my shopping life, but I am not bad enough with clothing choices for that madness. There are way too many people out there that look way worse than me and that show proves it. Yikes.
I could stand some hair changes, but don't know what that should look like.

Well, Dear Sir is wanting to go somewhere and I am not even out of my pjs yet so I am holding everybody up.

Have a good weekend.


Badoozie said...

that was kind of him to allow you full use of the remote control like that. i don't know of any of the shows you mentioned. i might though, next week we are getting satellite TV. we have not had cable tv, in like 7 years.

R said...

I knew that would bug you! HA ha.

Rick Capezza said...

Clinton and Stacy are my heroes.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Who needs Stacy and Clinton? Fat people over 40 look best in black. There is a hidden benefit to this: if I fall over dead while eating too many Weight Watcher cakes at once, I am already dressed for the reviewal.