Ten Reasons Why I love Dear Sir

I have to post this because last year I saw someone do this same thing and I thought it was nice:

1. He is considerate and patient. He never intrudes while I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth or washing my face, for example; he patiently waits until I am done.

2. He takes care of me. When I need a break or need rest when I am ill, he will part waters to come to my aid.

3. He never complains about my hatred for ironing. In fact, he will iron himself before mentioning that he needs a shirt ironed.
This of course goes for other things as well.

4. He is the most amazing father. He is an example to me of how our Father is to us. He tucks the kids in, reads them stories, prays with them, plays games with them, has meaningful discussions with them, laughs with them, and many more things---it is impossible to list them all.

5. He is incredibly smart and is humble about it.

6. He loves me.

7. He loves books and many other things I love.

8. He always thanks me for everything I do for him.

9. He has a great sense of humor and is exceptionally jovial in crowds.

10. He is smashing in a suit and is entirely handsome.

There really is more, but I don't want to keep going forever. Blogger would break down and then it would be the ruin for everyone.

p.s.---I hate Valentine's Day, but thought this would be perfect for it. :)


graybandit said...

i hate valentine's day too.

i don't know if you love him for it, but he's also ridiculously good at strategy-based board games. just a note.

R said...

It is funny you mention strategic board games (like Risk?) because do I ever know he is good at them! I am dead the second I tell him that I'll play the game!

Lisa said...

VERY nice! *Smile*