I took my daughter to the hospital this morning to get a procedure done and I had to take the boys with. They were really good, I was shocked. My daughter had to get sedated and take what she called "loopy" medicine, and we were on our way to harmless medical work. She kept lulling around like a drunken sailor minus the cuss words, and bubbled out laughter and said, "This is a nice place!" She was really drugged. She had all the medical staff splitting their sides. Near the end of the procedure though, she started to cry, saying that she did not like how she could not walk straight and to put it shortly, she was like the crying drunk who is no fun. I had to CARRY her out of the hospital, Eraser Eater had to hold my purse, and the Oldest WOULD NOT STOP COMPLAINING AND TALKING. I finally had had it because my girl was flopping around in my arms (and she weighs a good fifty pounds) and the Oldest was running his mouth about I don't know what. Just junk that was irritating. He was saying his usual dirgy, negative stuff about how the girl was going to die or something and we would all have a funeral soon. I'm exaggerating here, really. But I do mean that it was complete chaos. I was about to tell him that if he did not shut it I would twist his lips off, but then I remembered the nurse was trying to guide me out and I had to behave myself.

The procedure went well and she is over the hurdle, which is great news, so that is something I should stop griping for!

I got really hot under the collar too because I lacked some sleep (I got up really early obviously) and I don't do well. I am not a morning person. The Oldest plopped down on the floor when we were about to go and completely knocked over Dear Sir's little shelving unit, thus breaking it in a million pieces. Don't even ask me how that happened. I lost it and picked up all the papers and whatnot and put them in a stack. Then I realized how spoiled I am when I had to scrape the ice off the windshield in my rush to get us all there. I was freezing, my hands were numb (you know how intolerable to cold I am), and I was whining about it incessantly. I realized that many of you guys and other ladies on this soil go to work every morning and battle the same stuff. I get to stumble out of bed, wear my lounge clothes all day and sip coffee while the kids do school. I even can order them around a bit and slack off and do nothing if I so desired. Which reminds me, I should teach that boy to iron. Good plan. So sorry you ladies that scrape ice off windshields, I am a wimp and hats off to you.

When we got home I took the girl upstairs with me and made her sleep and I got a bit of that too, so that helped. I took them to Target after that and dropped too much money, but I had to buy another shelving unit and purchase another set of blinds that the Oldest, again, destroyed last week. The Oldest, however, was excellent with his sister when she was all weepy by giving her his gameboy and helping her get her mind off her despair by rubbing her on her shoulder or patting her head. She was so drugged she said, "Who are you?"


~Jennifer said...

I hope your girl is feeling back to her normal self tomorrow, poor thing. Hey, and I think the fact that we are able to order our kids around and slack off represents hours of hard work because every mother knows that it's easier to do something yourself than to teach your kids to do it. It's worth it in the long run though.

Lisa said...

Saying a prayer for The Girl, and sending you hugs-a-bunch! *Smile*

Emma Sometimes said...

ug, sedating kids with kids in tow. Oh, no fun. I hear you with not being a morning person. I always tell people if God wanted me to see a sunrise He would have made it later in the day, right?

R said...

Jennifer---She IS feeling back to her normal self this morning, which is a relief, and yes, making the kids work is key. I did not do it for a long time and then Dear Sir started to INSIST because he saw how slavish I was acting, and he swooped down and rescued me from my slavish ways. The kids each have their own chores now, and a few threats work just fine.

Lisa--Thank you.

Emma---LOL! You crack me up! I think you are right! I thought of you though when I had to scrape that windshield---you happened to pour hot water on it and it gave you an ice facial though. LOL.