You're My Wonderwall

I am in a dismal sort of mood (as you all know I am a bit melancholy anyway)---so I get this way from time to time. Whenever I see this photo it always makes me laugh. What the heck is going on? Why is Eraser Eater closing his eyes? My Oldest is acting like a freak. This is what happens when I let them mess with the photo booth on this computer. I should let them do some tomorrow so I can post another example of goonhood.

I got school done today; that was a feat. I changed the strings on my guitar too. I felt that one. I always stab my fingers with the ends of the strings and believe me people, it hurts badly. It makes the hair stand up on top of my head and body every time. I bled for a bit and then kept stringing the thing up.

Eraser Eater told me the other day that I was the "best mom" and "no one could out mom" me.

I made him repeat it again because I thought it was funny. He said:

"You are the best mom, and NO ONE CAN OUT MOM YOU!" He flailed around like a crazy boy and bounced on my bed.

"No one?!" I asked, "Really?!"

"Yes! Except maybe Mrs. H." And then he ran off as fast as he could and laughed all the way downstairs before I could catch him and tickle him to death.

Mrs. H. IS a fabulous mom. (Mrs. H.--note that I used the word "fabulous") If I am second best, that is good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Eraser Eater and Rosie would fight... She thinks she has the best mom! *LOL*

Badoozie said...

mrs hoseley? she's no where near as good as you...i don't even know her. it sounds like a made up name...

that is a weird pic on the computer, how in the world did they do that?

Funky-Redhead said...

Aww what a sweet-tart!

R said...

Moo---I am sure they would fight. It is hard for me to even allow my child to say I am the best mom because I seriously think they would believe an untruth, so they say instead, "You are the best mom to ME!" Which is much better and saves me some grief.

Susie---Mrs. Hoseley is the lady on my "blog roll" link thingy with the site called "Lobsy". She is my best friend in the universe. Ha ha. She does sound like she has a made up name. The kids have fond memories of her (she lives in near you!) so when they think good mom they think of her. :)

The Mac that we have has this thing called photo booth and you can sit in your computer chair and just click your mouse and it will take pictures of you. It has a camera on the top of the Mac. It's pretty cool. You can take all sorts of pictures. Wobbly pictures, comic book pictures, B&W, glow pictures, colored pencil looking pictures, sepia, etc. Go to an apple store and they have tons of those things to try out. Dyl would love it.

Funky---Sweet tart is the perfect description.

EmmaSometimes said...

That IS a weird picture.

and I agree with Badoozer, Mrs. Hoseley? She must be made up...

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I thought for a moment there that the boys were in a light saber duel and someone lost!

You sound like such a great mom! No way could anyone out mom you!

Me? I don't make such a great mom.