Aunt Jo said...

after watching Slingblade years ago I refuse to look at or listen to Dwight Yoakam. He made me hate him!

I don't have an ipod yet, but i am working on it :o)

I think you should win something....tell her you want some cookies.

Badoozie said...

its not JUST country is dwight yokum!!!! ICK....i've never felt the same about him since that movie Slingblade...so you might win because i can totally not see you listening to that guy

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dwight Yoakam is my favorite! I don't own an ipod... But I do own most of Dwight's music! *Grin*

Dwight Yoakam isn't country... He's just Dwight. :o)

R said...

I have never seen Slingblade, but have heard of it. I just hate "rockin'" "honky tonk" country kind of mumbo jumbo. It gives me the willies. The only reason why I have that on there is because the other singer in my band (who picks up a few songs---he has a great country voice) loves that kind of stuff and I have to grin and bear it and be nice. Thankfully we did not do the song aforementioned, but we DID to Suspicious Minds (he covered it) but thankfully the King did that first so I feel better.

Jo--I can't wait for you to get an ipod! The sheer JOY of it!

Susie---It would be nice! Ha ha! Emma, if she had an ipod, would probably win though with some country-rap combo that came from Mars. What am I talking about?!

Moo--I am sorry you love Dwight and I am ragging on him. I can't help it though.

Badoozie said...

i'm not a billy bob thornton fan, but he did an excellent job in slingblade, i recommend that movie, and not only that, but i had to write a paper on it from my abnormal psych class. i had to diagnose him!! it was tough, but i nailed it.

Anonymous said...

how radical. next you'll be watching football and talking on a mobile phone. those einsteins must be a corruptive influence on you.......

R said...

Susie---Cool! Diagnose me now! :)

Anonymous---If Dear Sir were not stuffing a donut down his throat and watching football when you posted this, I would think you were him, but alas, you are not but you are you.

But, I do know who you are, so watch your back, brotha!

It is radical. Real radical. Rachel, the real radical. Rachel, the real, rolling, radiant radical.

Anonymous said...

boo country music.

JTullGuy said...

Sad (or happy) to say I don't know enough about Dwight Yoakam
to even have an opinion. What fun is that? Not ALL country is bad, but don't let the fruity one know I said that.

Debbie said...

Dwight O is not a good enough example of country for someone to like or dislike country by! I like country because some of the songs are really good! But I can say the same about most music, except rap because I can't understand what they are saying so it is not real music! And there are some real hotties in country music that make listening to it all worth while! JTullMan chose Melanie as so not like him on his IPOD but he also has Clint Black, Garth Brooks and Ty Herdon!

Mmmm Donuts!

R said...

JTull (Jethro?)--Sad to say as well that I don't know much about Dwight myself except that song and I am not too keen on it. I am not even sure if I have heard it all the way through! All I know is that it keeps coming up on my ipod when I am running and I have to move my arm to switch the song. When you are running intensely it is a real bother, let me tell you. I like SOME country. I like to pretend I can sing like a country singer. I actually can sing like a country singer. I take that back. I would be a good country singer. Except I don't like sappy little stories put to song about a dog dying or a woman who can not make ends meet because her man left her, or how a man drinks himself to death and a woman saves him. That stuff irritates me. I rather like British rock, which (as a friend of mine has said) makes no real sense but sounds cool.

Alisa---Boo country music, yes, but the Violent Femmes? {Cough, cough}

Debbie---You are probably right about his not being a good enough example. I don't think there is one single hottie in country music. I hate tight jeans and long hair and vests with no shirts on underneath. I hate vests in fact except if they are on an old British man in Oxford smoking a pipe and he has a pocket watch attached to it. Now THAT is a vest....I really have a hard time with cowboy hats and cowboy boots in general.

I appreciate Nickel Creek (they are mainstream bluegrass?) and Johnny Cash.

That's about it.

Thanks for reading, you guys!

Jim said...

Toby Keith is the anti-Christ and Garth Brooks is the false prophet. Country music today is sappy and morally bankrupt--red, white and BS. But Dwight Yokaum (sp)is a stylist in the rockabilly, honky tonk tradition who plays great music! Never have seen him act. he plays real creeps apparently.

Thouroghly enjoy his music--what country should be but isn't. Let'
s lobby for more Dwight for David to sing. Let's vote right now!!!