27 Candles

Today it is raining. It is also my little brother's birthday. I have to say "Happy Birthday" into cyberspace at least to have it said.

Now I must literally run.

I have been making loads of soap over the past few days. I have Pearberry, Some Sea Smell, Autumn smell, Oatmeal, some Gingerbread, a bit of Orange Creme, and I will make some Cappuccino, Kitchen Soap (to get the smell of garlic and onion off your hands), and maybe some Vanilla. If any of you want to order some from me (about $3 a bar plus shipping) let me know! Sheesh! I am soapified!

Again, have a happy holiday. And, happy birthday, brother.

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Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Oooh! I would be interested in some Oatmeal, Cappucino and Gingerbread type if you would like to sell some! gniwok@gmail.com if you could let me know some shipping and all that.