Anonymous said...

In stereo! *Smile*

(Cute kid! *Wink*)

Emily said...

I wondered where you where and what was with you. (Wow, 6 "w" words in one sentence!)

Waiting patiently for your return.

Emily said...

Woops. I mean "where you WERE"

Anne said...

Are you too busy raking leaves?

By the way, Eraser Easter is adorable.

Funky-Redhead said...

I love kid pic's! And he is adorable! Though, I wonder if you could handle 2 of him!?

R said...

Thank you! I think my spawn is quite cute myself. He spits a little when he talks and always has a little wetness when he kisses. Sometimes just for me he will wipe his mouth before he kisses me.
Red---I could NOT handle two of him.

Anne--I am not busy raking leaves. Just tired from two nights of zero sleep. I just got 12 hours last night and then the night before I got some astronomical amount as well so I think I am caught up. Yeah! My husband rocks. He helps me with anything!

Emily--I knew what you meant!