Tolerable Morning

The kids woke up sick yesterday with a cold and I made them do school anyway. Not my daughter though. She was the worst. Her eyes were all glossy and she was sniffing up a storm. For the past two days she has been watching movies and playing Memory with either me or "Saint Bob". Who IS "Saint Bob"? I have no idea. Apparently he is really bad at memory, needs the car door opened for him to be let out when we go to the grocery store, and sometimes he brings his friend "Frank Tom." It gets lonely being the only girl, I suppose.

I made some soap (that turned brown-green) and I ran a fistful of miles, and then I made chicken noodle soup for dinner and ate nothing myself except some chips and beans that Dear Sir said smelled awful. When you can't eat anything raw like avocados or tomatoes---you take what you can get and put beans underneath a layer of jarred salsa and some sour cream. It is sad, I know, but at least it has some flavor.

Thanksgiving will consist of just my little immediate family and I will roast a small turkey. For the past couple of years now I have been making the dinner so it is sort of nice. Before we would be around extended family and with one side they would not allow me to make anything except yams and the other side would not want me to make anything but jello. I know, it sounds like I am a terrible cook. I just don't know why it worked out that way. I made a sweet potato pie once and no one dared to eat it except my father in law (I think). These are people that used to think eating Mexican was eating out of a can.

I think I will make more soap today (people have been wanting to buy some from me for Christmas), will skip the running, teach the kids, and drink some coffee. But not in that order. And now that I have officially bored you with absolutely no wit, I will leave it at that because I am not a morning person. The morning does not usually find me in sanguine spirits.

But, before I go---I have to tell you guys about the other night when I wanted a glass of red wine with pizza. We ordered a pizza and so I pulled out one of my waiting bottles. I have a bum corkscrew and so I always uncork the bottles the hard way; with my own strength. That bottle was the hardest thing to uncork. It was so hard, I pulled some shoulder muscle in my attempt and actually had to set the bottle down to just say, "That was a nice attempt, Rachel, but it is not happening." I asked Dear Sir if he would be able to do it. "If you can't do it, Rach, I can't." I wouldn't want him to pull his shoulder muscle either. So I had water with my pizza and the bottle of wine sits on my counter still uncorked and lonely. I will have to buy one of those turbo corkscrews to get that baby open. And to prove to you that I do only drink occasionally, I have not had a glass of wine since the gig on November 7th! Try to hold your jaw closed for that one!

OK, well, I must fill this day with work.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and be sure to eat some popcorn.


Funky-Redhead said...

yes, by all means..eat popcorn! Boy Scout Popcorn!LOL

Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel to you and your "geeks."

Badoozie said...

was someone accusing you of being a lush? my jaw was never open..i've heard a lot worse!

so, i was a little melancholy this am myself, i had to call emmasometimes, to bring me out of my duldroms...poor girl, i'm constantly bugging her via telephone.

Anonymous said...

Is Saint Bob any relationship to Sponge Bob by any chance? *Chuckle*

~Happy Thanksgiving!~

R said...

Thank you all for wishing me a happy Thanksgiving.

Susie--I am making jokes with myself. I am pretending people accuse me for fun. :) Come on, I would pull a muscle to get to my wine? That is kind of bad....ha ha.
I am sorry to hear that you were melancholy. I hope it has gotten better! Emma is a good cure, I am certain. Thank God for her!

Moo--The daughter is not allowed to watch Sponge Bob (too adulty and crass) so I have no idea how she came up with Saint Bob. My FIL's name is Bob. He acts like a saint. Maybe that is where she got it from! Who knows! :)