I can't think of anything to write about. My life often just jumps into the deep pools and swirls of homeschooldom and motherhood. Someone whines, I have to be firm. Someone cries, I have to console. Someone yells, I have to scold. I did not consume enough calories today so I took the kids to the library and felt faint the whole time. I would dread stooping down because when I would get back up I would see lights in my eyes and birds fluttering here and there. I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia but I do not eat the right way (absolutely no sugar of any sort---pretty Atkins). I try to eat better, but I am also allergic to raw stuff so I don't get enough fiber. So, pretty much to make things more clear, I am up the creek.

You know, whenever I drink red wine I get a little red myself. I am probably allergic to the sulfites in it. I hate allergies. I hate saying I am allergic to anything. It is embarrassing. It is like wearing a sign around my neck proclaiming that "I am special". I can't stand the word "special".

So, speaking of red wine----I love the stuff you know. And yes, truly the last time I ever got drunk (I think drunkenness is a sin) was when I got alcohol poisoning after drinking a whole half bottle (one of the huge ones) of Smirnoffs. I was laid up for two weeks throwing up and thoroughly ill. I remember laying in the backseat of my boyfriend's car rolling around in misery. The whole time I was drunk I remember saying, "Is my tongue black?" What an idiot I was. Well, I am still sort of idiotic. BUT--that truly was the last time I got drunk. Well, actually, one of the only two times I ever did. So, every time I sip from my glass of wine I look at the glass. I HATE the little dribble of wetness my lips leave after I take a little draught. It literally makes my stomach churn. I asked a friend once what she does to the little dribble when she sees it.

"Oh, I just wipe it off with my finger!" she said, laughing.

"That's sort of sick," I say. "Who knows what is on your finger when you wipe it and then there goes the glass straight to your mouth again!" I felt a little queasy thinking about it.

"Why? What do you do?" She wondered.

"I take my napkin and wipe it like this," I said. I proceeded to show her exactly how I wipe the rim of the glass, producing a shiny clean area once again. Sort of like a priest. I continued, "It's the holy way."

She laughed in my face. "Only you would come up with that!"

I have to eat with particular utensils too. It is bad enough that I have to stick metal in my mouth, but I am used to it. I just can't use certain ones. If I am at someone's house and they have utensils that I think are ugly and wrong looking, I have to try my best to ignore it. I admit that no one else has these issues mentally, but I have to still live with this.

We were at the Smithsonian this past weekend (the National Portrait Gallery) and I had to skip the coin section. Yeah, they have ancient coins that most people would enjoy looking at but I had to walk right through and try not to look if I did not want to lose my appetite for a week.

A couple of years ago one of my kids (it was the girl or Eraser Eater, I can't remember) came to me sucking on something. It was a number of pennies (I shouldn't write this, it is making me ill)---I started screaming and I somehow got them out of the child's mouth and went to the bathroom and gagged in the toilet for a spell. Good way to turn me into a bulemic.

Ok, enough.


Funky-Redhead said...

I have things I try not to think about, to get through them. For example: Anne once told me that strawberries, ( my favorite all time fruit) soaks up 76% of the pesticides they are sprayed with because their skin is so thin.
uh...like...I could've gone the rest of my life without knowing that! As well as many others...I can be pretty freaky too. My husband jokingly calls me OCD girl.

Emily said...

We all have weird stuff. Some of us are just more honest about it that others. :-)

EmmaSometimes said...

Oh you are a weirdo!!


And that my friends is the pot calling the kettle black

Anonymous said...

The whole metal in the mouth thingy... *EW*

If I can taste the metal on a utensil, I can't eat with it. (Yes, I do a tongue check first!)
And heaven forbid that someone I am dining with should rake their fork against their teeth. Makes me gag every time! *Blech*

You might as well be chewing on a piece of tin foil... *Shudder*

Anonymous said...

reminds me a little of howard hughes as portrayed in "the aviator"

R said...

Funky---Pesticides, schmesticides. I don't care too much if I eat that. Just dirty metal in my mouth. Ha ha.

Em--I am too honest. It is my downfall.

Emma--I know, I am a total weirdo. I have much shame.

Mrs. Moo---You understand me. This helps.

Anonymous---Dear Sir tells me the same thing. I think I have written one time about he and I argued extensively many times about drinking out of drinking fountains. He thinks it is ok, I don't. I told the kids not to and I freaked them out with the facts. Dear Sir heard this from the kids and could not believe how silly I was being. Hey, I was always told as a kid no matter how thirsty I was, never to drink from a drinking fountain. I still don't do it.
Germs, you know?