Last Night's Show

I thought the gig went pretty well last night; I just had a very good time, as did everyone else in the band. I hope we raised a lot of money for the benefit too, but it was election night and not many people were wanting to go out, I am sure. Plus, it was raining. I think we had a pretty decent crowd though. The place was for the most part filled---just not overflowing like it normally would be. I think too that the gig started an hour later due to voting times. I think the voting ended over here at seven o clock. I got a lot of wonderful feed back, but we were up first (contrary to what the site for Jammin' Java has up) so I was not able to talk to hardly anyone and hear much from the crowd. We immediately sat down and listened to the Placeholders who were for the most part acoustic and fun. They had me come up and sing some songs with them in the middle of their set. I did "Further and Further Away" (a Cheryl Wheeler song) with Laura Waters (the female lead for the Placeholders/Defectors) and I was so excited to at last sing a Sarah McLachlan song, "Possession" with Laura singing back up for me. I thought it went excellent.

Here was last night's set list for the Einsteins and me. The ones marked with an * are songs that I sang (at least the lead vocals):

1. Hard Day's Night (by the Beatles)*
2. Speed of Sound (by Coldplay)*
3. Shot at You (by Nils Lofgren)*
4. Folsom Prison (by Johnny Cash)
5. Don't Let Me Down (by the Beatles)*
6. Dream (by the Everly Brothers)*
7. Gimme Three Steps (by Skynyrd)
8. Wonderwall (by Oasis)*
9. When You Say Nothing at All (covered by Allison Kraus and Union Station)*
10. Oh! Darling (by the Beatles)*
11. Suspicious Minds (by Elvis)
12. Honey Don't/Route 66 medley (by the Beatles, by Nat King Cole)*

I know you all wish you were there.

I did drink some wine, Susie, I have to so I don't get too nervous, therefore resulting in no vocal constriction and dry mouth on the first song. I walked around with my blue solo cup, fooling everyone that I was drinking water when really I popped open a bottle of red in the green room. I did not trip over any chords, so that was good. All my band members take care of me and make sure I get those little niceties. They are the best. My bassist (she is a chick--which is just rockin, if you ask me) asked me before we went up, "did you get your 'juice'?"

So I got zero sleep last night, and my kids fell asleep during the Placeholder's set because they were so tired (it was WAY past their bed time). The girl usually goes to bed around 7, Eraser Eater around 8, and The Oldest around 9. Eraser Eater fell asleep on my lap during the Placeholder's set and everytime they were done with a song, people would clap and he would jolt awake for a few seconds and clap furiously and then when it would all subside he would sink back into sleepdom again. I thought it was sort of cartoonish of him.

I also met Angela for the first time last night. That was a real treat. I was so glad she came to see us perform! She had to get the low down on who Eraser Eater, The Oldest and the Daughter are. When she approached us she turned to Dear Sir and said, "You must be 'Dear Sir'!"
We all had a laugh over that. Thank you, Angela, for coming!

So now I am going to contemplate a nap and maybe do some house cleaning. My house is a sort of wreck. Back to the grind. :)


Funky-Redhead said...

Glad it went well! And so cool to meet a blog friend in RL! The "Dear Sir," part of the story, reminds me of kids always thinking their teachers live at school!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast! *Smile*

However, I am a little disappointed to hear that you don't get to sing lead on Folsom Prison. I always loved Johnny Cash! My dad has an album done live in Folsom Prison. I LOVED singing along! Especially to "I've been flushed from the bathroom of your heart!" *LOL*

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

That is VERY cool.

I'm glad you guys had a great night!

R said...

Redhead--Yeah, someone meeting Dear Sir is always sort of funny.

Mrs. Moo--We did have a blast. I didn't want to sing Folsom Prison when my friend David (who is also a part of the band and has a great country voice) was present. That would have been stupid. Plus, he could hit the very low note of "I hand my head and cried..." You know. It gets low. So, I was his "June Carter" and sang back up for him with a twang. It was a ton of fun. It is a funny song.

Redneck---Thank you!!

EmmaSometimes said...

~waiving lighter in your honor~