Slinging Lye

I forgot there were some pictures of the gig a few weeks ago. Duh. This one is one of the better ones. The new camera is so sensitive that the photos often come out blurry because Dear Sir shakes somewhat like an old man.

I have not gone out one day this week, which means I have no humorous writing material. I have been feeling like a recluse. I run inside, I make soap inside, I school inside, I ask my neighbor (she offered) if she will get me a gallon of milk since she will be "in town". Yeah, living in the country means it is a trip to town. Naturally. Well, I should cut myself some slack. The kids were sick this week with colds. I was supposed to help this lady (who is the head of this homeschool group I just became a part of ) to teach little girls how to make melt and pour soap. I have never done this anyway, so when I called her to cancel because my kids all woke up sick, I didn't feel so bad. I think I scared her a little anyway. She called me last week at the last minute because she saw on my "home school group application" that I made soap and she thought I may be able to assist her. She asked me about how to make soap and you know, I launched into too many details and I am sure I ended up sounding like "blah blah blah" after awhile. Cold Process, Hot Process. I am a Hot Process snob. People who do the Cold Process think that the HP is inferior and that in the process you lose glycerin. They have never done it and they really don't care. All they want to do is CP and so therefore they are CP snobs. There is a literal divide in Soapmaking, mind you. Protestants and Catholic-esque sort of divide. Pretty soon we will all hide behind cars and throw lye at each other. Except we Hot Process people will be faster because hey, we can mix the lye water and the oils at ANY temperature! Those slow Cold Processors will be left in the dust, burning with alkaline pain because they will still be at their sinks, attempting to raise the temperature of the lye water to match the temperature of the melted oils. Slow pokes.

Of course, none of you know what I am talking about and pretty much skipped that paragraph, didn't you? I notice a lot that you guys comment on stuff that is just sort of general---I talk about a book I read or a CD I bought and no one cares. It is totally cool with me because hey, that doesn't matter so much, we all have different tastes. Not everyone just goes and picks up The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot and yearns to talk about it. Yeah, we all love Grant Lee Buffalo and Eisley. Those two aforementioned things are bands. Sorry to be obscure. Ha ha. I wish I had stories of putting in a car stereo or some madness like that, but I don't. In fact, in our nice little VW the cd player does not work. Dear Sir and I try and try to play CDs on it but the laser or something keeps skipping and we just don't have time, money, or the ability to know what to do with it. It is already hard enough to get an oil change. We give up and listen to the radio and I tell you, the radio saddens me quite a bit. What is with this modern music? Why does every "rock" band sound like a whinny kid? I mean, not Oasis Liam Gallagher whinny, but ten year old Green Day whinny. Stupid whinny. I can't stand it. First it was the New Kids recycled into the Backstreet Boys or N'Sync and then now it is Green Day recycled into Whinny Band. I don't know any of their names. I see perfectly sane, wonderful people loving this stuff too and it frightens me severely. Nirvana put an end to the New Kids by pretty much shaming them into the abyss of "where are they now?" and so I am waiting for the next thing to drown out this silly punky childish infection in music. I would rather be tied up wearing scratchy wool in a sunny room with coins on my lap listening to James Taylor than listen to this junk out right now. Dear Sir and I continue to hope as we watch MTV or CD USA or Fuse or VH1 that something worthwhile will come on. Come on! We are always forced into watching "Hogan Knows Best." And frankly, I can handle Brooke Hogan's music more than I can handle the Green Day rip offs (and I hated Green Day from the beginning) today. And that is not saying much.

Don't get me started on Christian music and how every male singer is ten years behind (at least) by yearning to sound like Eddie Vedder. I think it is a part of getting old for me. Old people don't understand young people music. This is especially bad though. It just is.

I know, I am a bit caustic today, eh? I have been making so much soap you have to spray some vinegar water on me to get me to simmer down. I bite, I sting, and don't even attempt to test me with your tongue because you will definitely get a "zap". The only thing to quit this horrible music is to perhaps wash these whinny punk brat's mouths out with soap. So there.


Emily said...

I'm blissfully ignorant of most current music. The closest I come to Green Day is Weird Al's "Canadian Idiot".

Hot Process Rules.

I think you need some chocolate and a visit from a good friend.


R said...

Unfortunately I ran out of chocolate and a visit from a good friend is not really an option right now! I don't have any good friends that are close (yet).

But you always know what I need, Em.

Forgot to tell you that I tried the orange and spice chocolate and that was divine. You know your stuff.

XO back.

Anonymous said...

Okay... I've never made homemade soap, but the whole CP-HP division sounds interesting... A lye war? Hmm...

Apparently I am lost in the 70's as far as music goes... The one I really can't get is the Christian rock. Have you heard David Crowder? He is my youngest nephews favorite. *Shudder*

Although I may not be into the whole Eliot thingy, I appreciate those who are! I love hearing about different viewpoints! *Grin*

Badoozie said...

i do read everything...maybe i forget all of it by the time i click on comment....Dr sir shakes like an old man, but i forget like an old woman.

i didn't know hardly any of those names you mentioned. mostly because i don't listen to the radio. ever. i pick songs up from movie soundtracks, and go download just that one song. i might browse around on the album a little but RARELY do i buy an entire album.

and in order not to be stagnant, that is what i do.

and also i wash with soap.

and i also am the one who is guilty of buying car stereo stuff. do you have a cassette deck? you can put a little 15 dollar adapter in there, and play your CD discman thing off it? thats what i did for hmmmmm lets see...5 years? before i got a car with an actual cd player in it...

it looks like a cassette tape, with a wire coming out of it, and you plug that wire into the discman. presto. play your cd's in the car. bingo bango bongo......

R said...

Moo--you are so open.

Susie---when I was talking about car stereo stuff I was thinking of you.. haha.

Glad you wash with soap!

They have a thing out now I think that you can stick a tape in your cassette deck and hook it up to your ipod. Apple is awesome. Twenty bucks and presto!

EmmaSometimes said...

reading that is like you are on crack, girl! hahaha! Or maybe I'm speed reading again.

Darn it!

But I won't play you like a Pearl Jam record, us HP girls have to stick together. I have a fabulously good recipe for goat milk soap. I should see if I could dig it out. I used it many times in Colorady.

I know what you mean about Christian music. i like everything NOT mainstream, although worship is all good. ;o)

R said...

I would love to see your goat milk soap recipe. Sounds awesome. I have never made a milk soap before (although I have made soap hundreds of times)!

I agree---I love worship music (if it is done well and does not sound like Baby Boomer/Jesus Movement stuff).

I was feeling a little odd the day I entered that post! ha ha.

I hope you are feeling better.

Alicat said...

I never would have imagined there would be such an impassioned war going on in the soap world! I bet soap girls can get really bitchy about it too (not you tho, heh)

Yeah I don't know much about music, but really I think most of it is crap lately. I'm sure tho that a lot of people would cringe at my music selections. :)

R said...

The impassioned war is mainly in my own mind--and how I have seen things myself. I have a friend that makes soap and she uses the CP method and I asked her if she would make HP with me for fun and she said, "No, I am happy making soap the way I make it..." Uh, ok.

Alicat---you should try making soap yourself. The way you make food---you would be an excellent soap maker. You would find ways of making soap look so pretty. That is the advantage I have when I really want to make soap pretty. I thoroughly love making truffles and chocolates and so they inspire me to make soaps that look good enough and smell good enough to eat.

Badoozie said...


R said...

Thanks for askng, Susie. Sheesh. I have been lost with soap and the lot, yes. I have to get on the book train---I have forgotten to check my gmail. Like a total schmuck.

I will explain later! Ha ha.