School started yesterday in my house. It went really well, to my shock. I have been doing this for almost five years now so I should be some expert but I am not. I have learned that the best thing that one teaches a child is how to read, and then it sort of takes care of itself from there. My oldest son is the best example of this. It can even go to a bad side though when I am, say, at Barnes and Noble and I find him on the floor reading a book on Astrology. But, it is cool that I can just hand him directions to just about anything and he can read it and instruct me on what to do. He is like a genius sponge.

On Christmas Day he was so excited to get his microscope. I did the cotton swab thing with him and rubbed it in his mouth then rubbed it on a slide. He was absolutely thrilled when he saw bacteria. It was the Price is Right again...he won a car. He had his hands over his head jumping up and down yelling, "I have seen bacteria! Yes! BAC-TER-I-A!" I think he even tried to look through the scope again while jumping up and down.

Last night we were reading about the Roman consul named Manlius and when we got to the part where Manlius orders his soldiers to decapitate his own son T said, "WHAT?!!!" He couldn't believe it. He kept talking about it being the most cruel punishment of all.

Anyway, I better go because I have to get the lazys out of bed. Wish me luck and bravery, because when they get up, it's over. The silence does not happen again until they are all in bed.


Jeannie said...

rachel...it appears as if you are a great teacher. give yourself some credit. i hope the day goes well and isn't too crazy! I'll be in the car all day alone. :)

R said...

Sorry you will be alone in the car all day! That really stinks. The good thing is music and prayer.

I think it is every woman's duty as a homeschool mother to feel a bit inadequate. I think from what I have heard from most women in my position that is the feeling that they generally have. The reason for it is our public school system. I know that personally, because I am a product of public school. I have it ingrained in my mind that things have to be this way and that, these sheets have to be done this way, this has to be done this way, they have to sit still, they have to line up, etc. etc. I think that if they are learning this and that in public school, my kid has to be doing the same lame junk. I have to remind myself that public school did not do very much for me, that it was easy for me to skate by stuff, that I had a bunch of liberal pagans teaching me, and it is their views I am now feeling "inadequate" under! No wonder! I am trying to do what God wants me to do, not do what some liberal, granola-eating (I eat granola, but it sounds funny ha ha) school teacher that listens to Peter Gabriel and hugs trees and believes that we came from monkeys wants me to do!

You are right Jeannie, kick me!