Interruptions and Waiting

I was dusting a shelf once this past year at someone's house and I noticed a framed quote. It was very good, I thought. I felt really bad after I read it. Here is my paraphrased version:

"I thought that I would get more work done if I did not have children constantly interrupting me. Then, I realized that the interruptions were my job."

I am doing a bad job paraphrasing, but you get the gist. It seared me. I am a very one track minded person. If I am mopping the floor, I am mopping. Not talking, not eating something, not barking orders, I am mopping. If I am playing guitar, I am playing guitar. If I am making soap, I am making soap. If I am making dinner, I am making dinner. I try to do other things, but my memory is bad and I often forget the other things I was trying to do at the same time. Lunchtime is the most horrible time for me. I make lunch for the kids (they are all picky and I give top ramen to one, pbj to the others, etc.). I literally forget drinks every time. It is so normal for me to forget drinks that I just sit down for pretty much every meal and then once we pray I have to get up again because I realize that no one has a drink. Or, my husband says, "drinks!" or he just gets up and does it because he is used to my forgetting constantly. My oldest son always hints. He is eating a sandwich or something and he says, "Boy, I sure am thirsty!"

I think what I am saying is that interruptions are especially hard for me. I could be literally doing something and then once I get interrupted forget it because hey, I literally forget it. I have moved on. I am very frustrated with this because I like completing tasks. I suppose I do like completing a task, say, of mopping the floor rather than wiping my daughter's rear end, or maybe instead of being so mindful that I actually notice my youngest son heartily picking his nose. I just have this rule or mindset that life is all about waiting. We are always waiting for something. I have obviously taught my children this. They are always waiting for me. I will be like Lewis and say that the waiting is sometimes the best part. I think it IS the best part. Anticipation. Once you do or get whatever it is you are waiting for, it sort of wanes quite a bit. One of the great glories of being a Christian is waiting. We will be made complete, our joy will be made full.

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