Ego Boost of the Day

While my daughter was attacking me with hugs, she said, "I love you! I just can't resist! You are so pretty!" (Giggle, giggle, giggle)

You know, sometimes when you are with the kids all day you think that no one would even care what the heck you look like---I have changed that lately by putting on nicer clothes rather than sweats and a t-shirt for lounging around the house and schooling the kids. Wilhelm and I were listening to some Orthodox lady lecturing on how adults never grow up. She had a point when she mentioned that the normal day gear for anyone is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. That sounds somewhat like me. I am wearing jeans right now, but only because all my other pants are suddenly too big and I have to buy some new clothes! Ugh! The funny thing is that I could relate to this lecture. I never feel like I am an adult; I always feel like I am just cruising along and going with the flow. I fell in love, got married, had children, and now I am schooling them and caring for them. It is not like I really thought it all out or anything.

I say that adulthood is accepting responsibility. I still wince from that in other areas of my life. What do you all think adulthood is? I would love to hear from you people. I know you lurk around, but don't post. C'mon!

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Jim Hagan said...


Indeed. Agree. Feel the same way. I've got a simplistic theological answer and that is it's about God directing our steps and our lives are about Him and not us. I still feel like a kid and I have kids in college. I'm amazed they like to spend as much time as they do with me. Having a family forces you to grow up though. Can't avoid growing up in some ways when you have one.

Read in Time magazine that psychologists and sociologists are noting a "second adolescence" between 18 and 28. It doesn't help that young Christians read fluffy books like Blue Like Jazz written by a 30 year-old emergent who doesn't want to grow up. He's got tons of money though to travel around the country having spiritual experiences.