A Book Finished!

As my heading indicates, I actually finished a book last night. I know, what a miracle since I have not finished one in ages since school started this year. It is really a shame and believe me, I have felt rotten about it. Thinking about it gives me cramps. It will not surprise you what it is because of my C.S. Lewis kick. I love the man. I will quote you one of my favorite paragraphs (he is speaking of heaven) and look especially, dear ones who I have left behind in Idaho and the other two who are in Wisconsin:

"Then the new earth and sky, the same yet not the same as these, will rise in us as we have risen in Christ. And once again, after who knows what aeons of the silence and the dark, the birds will sing and the waters flow, and lights and shadows move across the hills, and the faces of our friends laugh upon us with amazed recognition."

Brings tears to my eyes. I love the fact that I have eternal friends in Christ. That is a miracle.

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