Room 101

Ok, this is not fair. If anyone at all reads this blog they ought to tell me their "Room 101". I am always talking about mine since they really do bother me too much. You know, hair clots (gag), metal (jewelry and coinage in particular), fingerprints on cheese (or just touching cheese will really get the gag reflex going), worms (very similar to shrimp, so that is why I don't like shrimp), and spiders (just thinking about poor Miss Muffet and how her cruel father would make her eat them mashed up to cure a cold is beyond me---I would seek my vengeance keenly). There are probably more things but I really don't feel like digging deep.

So, what is your Room 101 (I am referring to Orwell's 1984, when I say this, of course)?

Now if you will please excuse me, I have to recover my bearings.


Anonymous said...

okay - let's see - my room 101 . . .
of course the common nails on a chalk board, ants in the carpet and especially my own blood.
oh - and i'm with you on the hair clots!

J. Hagan said...

since it's a matter of fairness. Room 101 is my Room 101. I read that in 1984 as a kid and it still haunts me. That and high heights. Bets always asks me if I'm Ok when we drive over expansion bridges--eyes on the road don't look down.