All Is Weird on New Years Day

I went running and almost immediately I saw a 16 year old boy (about) running with summer clothes on, holding a hubcap. I know, weird.

Further on my run I saw a snazzy looking man blocking an entrance to the local school with his car. He was literally standing outside of his car looking at the traffic. He was wearing a long leather coat and behind his back he was holding a pair of leather gloves. It kind of freaked me out, it looked strange, but I ran by the guy. I thought, "if he is still there when I go by again, I will go across the street."

Then, I went down another street that passes by my house and a U.S. Postal truck was going up the street. Oh yeah, the postal service always delivers mail on New Years Day.

So, when I made my next trip around my route, I again saw the weird man in the leather jacket and so I crossed the street and all that like I thought that I would do.

I went down the same street again that passes my house and lo, here comes the postal truck again! The same one!

At this point I thought I would go home instead of running another two miles; things are just too weird today.

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