Purple Balloon

Yesterday I made my weekly trip to my favorite store. The kids were excited because they got balloons there like they always do (why do kids like balloons so much?). T accidentially popped his white balloon when he got in there, and he quickly ran to go get a replacement. E got a purple balloon and she was in love with it. When we got to the car, they all sat down inside while I piled the groceries in the trunk. When I came back to return the cart, I noticed that E's balloon was hanging outside the door (like she shut the door on it). Of course I open the door and try to catch it but up it goes, never to be seen again. And of course she starts crying. L quickly forsakes his balloon and gives it to her and she doesn't want it. He tells her he feels bad for her and he wants her to have it but she won't take it (let's not forget to say that the balloon is orange). She cries and cries and finally says, "Mom, at least Jesus will get it. He will keep it and give it to me when I get to heaven, right? I guess my purple balloon is in balloon heaven now!"

I thought this was funny because apparently they made up a place called balloon heaven (I am sure every kid makes this up at some point) and T started to say, "Yeah, Mom, we made it up. It's just this place we made up, ok?"

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