I get tired of hearing this and that is "so hard on me" and "so stressful". I mean, there are things that are stressful and things that are not. I have always thought you know, it is all relative, cut the person some slack, etc, etc. I could relate this to children. My child could say to me, "doing my chores is so hard on me." Give me a break. This is children's talk, right? No. Adults do this too. I do this. I see it in a far more serious manner though sometimes in others. "My car broke down, I can't take it." Let's throw a fit. "This stresses me out, that stresses me out." I'm done, I am walking away.
I realize that I am obviously being harsh, but there is a point when someone has to say, "grow up!" We are all in different places, yes, I understand that. Our goal here on this earth though, is to see beyond ourselves, not envelop ourselves IN ourselves. Maybe I am wrong. So hack at me.


Jeannie said...

you're absolutely wonderful! thanks for the reminder. I agree completely...hope you've had a great MLK day.

Jim said...

Yo! As a recovering whiner, its much harsher in the name of compassion to lend a sympathetic ear to unthankful hearts.

R said...

Yo! you make me feel better Jim.