Bath Reluctance

My youngest son just put himself down for a nap in the middle of school. What the heck? I know he has been whinny and crabby lately...

My oldest son grabbed the books in a great hurry right after breakfast and started directly to work with out my saying any thing. I know, all on the same morning. Something in the air? He is the classic Dennis the Menace type. Hates showers, hates smelling good, wants to be a dirty boy, I guess. I mean, maybe he really doesn't notice himself, but he is getting ripe now when he misses a day of showering. I keep telling Mr. Wilhelm it is his age. Nine---almost 10. I remember distinctly when my younger brother went through this stage. He rarely took a bath or shower; my mom had to practically drag him in there. I remember almost spitting out my food one time when he approached saying that he felt compelled to help the environment (there's public school for you) and it made him sick that someone left water running. I think he was saying also that he does not do enough himself to help the environment. I laughed in his face and told him surely he does his share by the amount of showers he takes in a week. I think that was the one and only time my older brother laughed at anything I said. Perhaps that is why I remember it. So, there is the age nine/ten bath reluctance stage proven.

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