The Day After New Years

As much as I love the holidays, I am glad they are over. It never stops for us. I make soap, make tins, send out cards, have my birthday, the list goes on forever all up until Christmas. When I think it is over then I have to remember that on New Year's Day it is my youngest son's birthday. Every year I scramble to get him gifts. Hopefully this year I will be on the ball and I will buy them by Thanksgiving or something.

And, thinking about New Year's Day, I always hear about New Year's Resolutions. I never make them. I really don't see the point. I make resolutions all the time; some I break, some I keep. I never make them on New Year's Day. I think it is that same feeling you get when your birthday hits and you don't feel your age. You still feel like you have always felt.

The sermon last night was about making your resolution to lead a more spiritual life. I think that is a great resolution. For every day.

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