Apparently last night when Mr. Wilhelm went through the drive thru at Mc Donald's my younger boy was upset because he wanted a "Happy Meal" instead of just a hamburger. It was late, we don't want to deal with happy meals, we just want to order a few things and be on our way. Sometimes Sunday nights are like this for us because we have church at night and the kids get so hungry and we want to go home and put them to bed soon! So the younger boy says, "I wanted a happy meal!!!"

My daughter says to him, "You can't have a happy meal, but you can have a SAD meal!"

I thought that was outrageously funny.

My youngest boy informed me today that he was going to try very hard "not to sin all week". He has failed miserably already. He also told me that he was not going to "let the devil take a hold on" him. He has already hit his sister twice and yelled at her. I reminded him of what he was going to "try" to do. He said he forgot!


Jeannie said...

are all children as hilarious and witty as yours? Do i just not know this from my lack of time around children these days?

R said...

I think all children are pretty funny; you just have to be around them and listen to them to get the good stuff. Joel and I don't baby talk with them and so I think that helps with their ability to communicate. I have noticed people looking at me strange when I tell my child that they should not hang off of the grocery cart because they "may crack their head open." I am not the most sweetly spoken mother around. I am more like the wife of a farmer. I like it that way though. I don't mess around with a lot of fluffy language. I am more like, "Hey pal, get it done," than "Sweetie, please do me the favor of finishing that, ok?" I find that I can get into the habit of begging my kids to obey me than being the woman who must be obeyed if I take the sweeter approach more.

I think though that maybe their exposure to reading and perhaps some humor is a factor. Joel and I goof around with them at the dinner table and in the car on long trips. We poke fun at them and make them laugh at themselves. Tim is much like Wally on Leave it to Beaver. We love to act like he is a kid from the 50's---and so we talk with that weird accent with him like, "What's goin' on mista?" and
"I'll give you a sandwich, a knuckle sandwich!" Stupid stuff like that. It is the way he talks. He has read way too many Hardy Boys books for it to be ignored. He often uses phrases such as , "Gee, Dad, I sure am happy I got my gameboy!" No one talks like that if you really think about it. The fifties talk aside, he informed me today while doing a math sheet that he was "emotionally stressed."

I don't have all the answers to your question, but we are weird people. We always have been. I guess sometimes it is going to seep out.