Running and Sugar

For about a year and a half now I have been running solidly 30 miles a week. Lately I have been running close to forty, but this past week have slowed down. It is not that I am tired of it, I just think my legs have gotten bored. So I have been making myself run a little less. When I do run, I am doing running programs on my treadmill so I am going up and down, up and down. On other days I just speed it up and run a short distance---about three miles. I think a year and a half of running the same bland distances has hurt my back (in addition to the strange way I sit when I play guitar) so I have started doing pilates two times a week. We'll see how that goes.

And I have stopped eating sugar. I eat whole grains, but that is the only real "sugar" besides what I get from an apple or something. Everything tastes so much better this way! You should try it! Last night I rewarded myself and had half a glass of red wine and oh my goodness it was wonderful! The flavor was tremendous. I think sugar annihilates your taste buds. Plus, for the past two days(after overcoming the sugar withdrawal symptoms for several) and I have felt GREAT. Not tired at all. 

How's this for a boring post? 

I am feeling quite dank underneath my shirt (I just finished a run that whipped my rear end), so I better get this going. The kids don't sound like they are doing school either. 


J said...

You are amazing...not only to keep up your miles, but to quit sugar. If only I had enough willpower...sigh.

You HAVE inspired me...we'll see if it sticks.

DFTF said...

I just bought a pilates dvd to start using. When I did it before I really saw results quite quickly. Today is my workout day with my girls. Woohoo.

Natalie said...

so since you are being successful in this no sugar thing, do you have any tips on how to "wean off sugar"?? i would be really interested in some help with that!

R said...

J---You need no inspiration; you're perfect already. :)

dftf---That is so cool! I think it is great that your girls are doing it too! That makes it more fun for sure.

Nat--If you want to completely "wean" I would just gradually cut things out for a couple of weeks until there are no sugar rich things in your diet. I just completely quit cold turkey. It was NOT fun. I knew that I had to do it that way as far as self-control. I am a sugar addict, and if I allow myself a little "gradually" I know that I will just decide to forget it and keep eating it. So I cut myself off even though there are piles and piles of candy bars in my house (they are for my classes) and plenty of sugared things like cereal and cookies.

My goal was to feel good because I have been feeling so run down and crappy and the cravings were getting so terrible that all I could think about was getting some sugar in my body.

With the withdrawals, I was shaking, trembling, having blurred vision, increased fatigue, sleepy, it was pretty horrible.

Now I feel pretty good. I still feel a little bit of the withdrawals, but for the most part I am on my way to feeling better than I have felt in a long time.

Dapoppins said...

I agree that sugar can kill the taste buds. I only ever taste the first ten handfuls of m&m's. After that it is all about the texture. Once that is all rubbed off, I just keep eating any way because I just can't have these things laying about.

The Doozie said...

Dank? I love some of the words you toss out....love them!!!

Uncle Joe said...

just don't quit COFFEE!!!!!!!!

Alisa said...

Today was the first time I ate sugar in a week. I made a conscious decision to not eat it last week. The biggest thing that I notice is I have had a lot more energy without sugar.

Also, I only ate meat once last week. Maybe that's why I've had more energy too--I've been eating a lot better instead of eating only meat and carbs for a meal.