I found a guitar pick in the shower today when I was lathering up. That was interesting.

My ring is in better shape now. I mean, my wedding rings. Remember the betadine solution tarnished the gold? Yeah, well, I took some Comet like Doozie suggested and scrubbed them shiny and new. Thanks. I went for weeks "unmarried." The kids were worried I wasn't hitched to the Professor anymore. The Professor was deeply concerned about my loyalties. 

Before putting on my rings, I asked the Professor if he would like to put them on me. I gave him a fleeting look of romance, eyebrows raised slightly. We were standing in the stair way; he was trying to get by. 

He put up his hand. "Did it once and once only." He swept by me to go watch his football game. The blackguard

"You need to get bit!" I hollered, still standing on the stairs.

Why is it 'anathema' to put tomatoes in chili? Just thought I would ask. I've always wondered. I make rockin' chili and I put tomatoes in it. 


Alisa said...

I put tomatoes in chili too.

The Professor is such a [his surname].

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I used to not like tomatoes in chili, but I outgrew that.

Mrs. Sinta said...

I think that tomatoes in chili are fantastic, but the family of origin in your case feels that tomatoes, unless they are turned into ketchup or tomato sauce, are inedible. One of the quirks of the gene pool, I guess.

Uncle Joe said...

You should have jumped on his back and ridden him down the stairs.

Tomatoes in chili is a yes yes.
Canned or fresh chopped.

I've never known anyone who ever took Doozie's advice until now.
I hope your finger doesn't burn off now.

Laura said...

"You need to get bit." Hilarious. Or he needs to "get a bit," Ha!

Tomatoes in chili? Always! I have always put chopped, seasoned, stewed tomatoes in my chili. I crush them a little bit with the potato masher b/c otherwise my kids will complain. But actually, it's a good thing, because it makes the chili all the more thick and saucy and yummy.

Also, who says you have to just have kidney beans in chili? I put in black beans, pinto beans, white beans, you name it. Total Yum-O.

So there you go. Clearly, the tomatoes-in-chili-people have it.

R said...

UJ---the finger is still in tact!

Laura---Yum-O. LOL I can't stand Rachael Ray.

Dapoppins said...

I love chili with tomatoes in it. That, really, is the only way to eat chili.