I'm having the hardest time writing lately. Well, I have been just way too busy to write. Even to check email. The Professor thinks that's marvelous. He wants the computer to himself. 

Today the Oldest:

--scaled a wall

--jumped up and down and clapped his hands while an elevator was descending and he was in it

--ate hordes of candy (including Lemonheads)

--talked incessantly during my Lit class (he is in it)

--organized a football game in the yard and was so bossy and controlling that Eraser Eater ran in and wept

I am going to bed. 


Mrs. Sinta said...

Yep. Sounds like an oldest.

The Doozie said...

Well, there's always a chair and roll of duct tape. For your professor of course.

August said...

I Know the feeling my friend! Sorry I haven't emailed you back. I will soon. ;)

mabcat said...

i feel wiped out too. i have been playing mom to the little 2yr old i nanny for because her parents were in europe for a week. they just got back this afternoon. after i was released, i thought i would get so much stuff done, but all i want to do is sleep and it's only 3:40 pm. that is sad. and i have tons of homework and shopping and stuff piled up that i have to care for.
but life is good.
btw i have been listening to phil wickham a lot lately. it's good music for many activities.
ok. now i am rambling. i hope you are well otherwise. loves and cheers!!

DFTF said...

Maybe you're suffering from verbal constipation. There must be something that could act as a verbal enema.

thislittlepiggy said...

Was this a good day or a bad day? :o)

R said...

Sinta--glad you can spot it.

Doozie---tell me about it. But---whenever the kids get noisy and act up I always just say, "duct tape"

August---that's ok

Mabcat---Glad you like Phil! He is great. I try to get the guy to listen to me cover his songs, but I think he thinks that I suck. Oh well. I am a diehard fan anyway.
Yeah, it sounds like you have had quite a week!

dftf---that is EXACTLY it. You only know this because you are my twin.

piggy---it was a mixture of both. Mainly bad because I didn't have some rope.