I successfully completed the first day of school with the kids. It was pulling teeth when the Oldest pulled out the math book, but other than that, it went well. 

All night I dreamed of hobbits and Mordor. I remember some time in the night the Professor said to me, "Are you ok?" 

In addition to reading the Letters of Tolkien and The Hobbit, I read a chapter in a book on Lincoln I bought the Professor. It was about why Lincoln didn't join a church. It was relatively uninteresting. I think Lincoln's reasons for not liking the Church as a whole were immature, but that is just me. I am just not a big fan of Lincoln. But I could stand to learn more about him.

And, by the way, I forgot "F x of = is" today and made a complete fool of myself.


Groovy Mom said...

Yeah, we're under way too. I'm more laid back than you, though, and I basically ignore my kids and make them work alone. ;-)(okay, not entirely true, I just do my read aloud time at night and have never really thought of it as "school".)

R said...

Sounds good to me!!! When I can cease holding the Oldest's hand through math, I will be glad, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Looks like the Algebras, Geometry and Trig are going to be the same. We'll see.

Uncle Joe said...

what is the name of the lincoln book?
I've been looking for a book titled Lincoln's Melancholy.
is that the one you're reading?

R said...

orry UJ---I forgot you asked a question. No, It is called The Soul of Abraham Lincoln.

It is really ancient too, written in the twenties, maybe.