I Didn't Get a Ticket

Somehow I got out of it. 


DFTF said...

Hmm, you're skirting some issue here. Did you or did you not cry to get out of it? ;-)

R said...

I actually could have cared less at the moment that I was going to get a ticket. The weird thing is that the guy was not a cop, he was a park ranger for the battlefield (I live in one) and asked me if I had a ticket there before. I said no. He took my info and then came back saying that he was going to give me a warning and to pay attention to the speed signs. I did not speed that much; I just had no idea what the speed limit was there since most people literally fly down that road. It is not really well marked and it is a park road, so it is an odd road period. Really narrow and very unlike the usual driving road.

So the guy was nice, told me he was happy the kids were in seat belts and sent me on my way. I did nothing to get out of it, in other words!!! :)

Uncle Joe said...

Dont forget the words of Pat Benatar, Love is a Battlefield.
Are you sure he was a REAL Park Ranger?
Does he know Yogi Bear?
That's the true test you know.

bristowmom said...

I like Uncle Joe's comment!