We are Eccentric Now

Last night for Family Fun Night we had a poetry reading. The Professor got so sick of watching movies every time, so I suggested I have the kids write poems and read them instead. The prospect was presented during school yesterday morning, but no one was enthused. 

"That's stupid," said the Oldest. 

So finally when the time came, I sat us all down and had the kids pick out poems instead. The boys chose Shel Silverstein poems (of course), and the Girl chose a few poems from her little primer for school. I chose Sonnet 56 by Michael Drayton, and the Professor bored us all with "Kublah Khan." Then he pulled out some other story/poem thing that had to do with a warrior who lost his king. The kids were interested, but didn't understand the story. 

The Professor and I watched a movie from Netflix last night; Mountains of the Moon, or something like that. It was about Sir Richard Burton and John Speke (who originally discovered Lake Victoria, the Nile's source). The Professor just finished a biography about Burton and was unsatisfied at the many liberties in the plot of the movie, as is the usual dilemma with films. 

Since school started I have been feeling better about life. During the summer I typically lament not having a reason for living, but then once fall hits I realize my reason. Come winter I am freezing so badly (you know my condition) that it ruins my life and keeping warm is all I can think about. 

So, on a lighter note, when you die, do you want to be in a pine box or a coffin? I think it would make the miracle of resurrection greater if the worm eats me and I have truly merged into the dust. What do you all think about that?


Natalie said...

pine box.
coffin is a waste of money. i am not really in it anyway!

R said...

Isn't that the truth?

R said...
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DFTF said...

Well then maybe you should go for cremation. ;-)

My husband would have chosen Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. He probably could have recited it from memory.

Me? I'm not much into poetry. I probably would have gone with Shel Silverstein too.

The Doozie said...

I don't want to be in a box at all. I don't care about people spending money on my dead body, I'd rather just be thrown into a shallow grave in the mountains which is by the way, highly illegal

Laura said...

pine box. just throw me in and nail it shut. i've never been surrounded by silk and satin and mahogany in my day to day living so why start at the end of it all. and no open casket, the last time you saw me I want to have been alive.
cremation? no - too much fuss having to cremate me and scoop up my remains and figure out where you're going to store me, gee, on the fireplace mantel or in some creepy file drawer? and i know some people think it's cool but having your ashes spread somewhere is just kind of weird.

Dapoppins said...

My Grandpa said he just wanted to be buried in a pine box. Grandma looked for one, and they had one all right...it was a pine coffin and cost three times as much as anything else. They don't make pine boxes to be buried in, anymore. Unless it is in the 1800's and you live near boot hill. Then maybe, you could get a pine box.