Enough is Enough

I have a new recorded song to share. This song is like a raw wound. A dear friend has been badgering me to put this one together for months and I have been avoiding it. Strangely, it has helped me heal. Or cope, I am not sure what. So, here's to you, Laura.


Emily said...

Feels odd to say that I like this song, but I guess it's because you hit on a genuine emotion and described it with just enough words. (No pun intended!)

Plus you sing it very well. Just the right amount of everything.


Thanks for putting this up.

R said...

It shouldn't feel odd to like this song!!! LOL

It is about stuff that has been happening in the recent past and presently, so it is something I can deliver with true emotion. I have things that go on in my personal life that I just don't delve into on this blog, but if you listen to my songs you can sure get a taste! :)

Thanks for listening!

Everyone else---Don't be afraid to listen!!! :)

Laura said...

I love it.
Thank you Rachel for taking the leap and finishing it. I know how much you put into it but it was worth it. God gave that song to you, thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Bee Repartee said...

I've emailed you...lovely melody and pulls at your heartstrings. :) Thank you for sharing, Rach.

R said...

Ok Laura, you have forever proved that you are the greatest! And the greatest encourager! Even Tolkien needed Lewis to encourage him to finish Lord of the Rings! You are my Lewis, I am your Tolkien, ah, we are both geniuses!

Bee---I haven't gotten your email I don't think.

Thank you for listening. If you say it, I know you mean it.

Dapoppins said...

I thought one of your reasons for living was your beautiful guitar and your beautiful songs? Don't say you have no reason to live, or I might have compile a hundred good reasons to get up in the morning...even if you don't have to do school.