The second time this year our iMac has biffed it. I may have lost pretty much everything, who knows. Well, I am sure the Professor has lost more, but pretty much all of my songs could be gone, so that is a great batch of loveliness. Not that your listening pleasure is lessened by this---I don't think anyone else cares too much, I just worked hard on that crap. Oh well. What I have is probably what is on my podcast, that's it. 

I got an infection over the weekend (maybe the computer caught it) so that was a fun ride. 

I also have athlete's foot. Of course.

And I am ready to bite. Anyone want to try to tackle me? You would be totally up the river. I mean, up the creek. Those blasted idioms.


Emily said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry. That stinks.

Todd said...

You might like to check into this web site for a nice back-up method:


I have been using it for about 8 months and really like it. It backs your hard drive up and you barely even notice it. It has saved me once already.

I also got a very nice external hard drive for real cheap at Best Buy. I put pictures and other data on there.


Uncle Joe said...

you guys should seriously get someone to cartoon your lives.
we can laugh WITH you, not at you, because that just wouldn't be right.

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