Phil Wickham - True Love

Here is the best male singer on the planet----listen and love it!


Laura said...

Amazing! I saw a youtube of him doing this song at an open air concert where he stopped to look at a rainbow.
I love the singalong concept with the whole audience of 3,000 people being his backup singers, so to speak.
Where are you on the "album" cover? I can't find you.

Bee Repartee said...

Great singer, you are right. This was out in Beaverton, OR last May?

R said...

Laura---I am in the bottom row of the first section of pictures from the top if that makes sense, black and white picture.

Bee---Yeah, that was in Oregon. Not sure about Beaverton. It was May 9th. I watched it live from home. It was really late and really really cool.

The Doozie said...

Are you sassing me?