I Will Post Something Later

If your computers allow it, give my music site a try again---I have "finished" "You Watch Me" and "Come by Hasting". I think they sound decent. I added more stuff. I wish I had real strings and cellos, which are what plays in my head, but I can't have everything when I am just a piddly musician. If you enjoy the songs for what they are, great, but in my mind they are bigger than what they sound like, more that I could do and am capable of, but have no means to do. 

---Anyone rich and want to donate money so that I can hire studio musicians? Or just lots of studio time so that I could get friends and friends of friends to do it? :)

Thank you ahead of time.


DFTF said...

Wonderful, as always. Love Enough is Enough and found myself singing along.

Natalie said...

hey! i tried to email you a question and apparently i don't have the write address for you! here's mine: nattascatta@yahoo.com
maybe you can email me and correct one to use!? thanks!

Laura said...

natalie means to say the "right" address :-)

R said...

DFTF---Glad you like it! You are such a good friend to me!

Nat---You got it.

Laura---LOL. I didn't even notice! I had a good laugh at your correction though!

Laura said...


The Doozie said...

Go downtown and find people who are stoned on weed, they'll do it for free, or maybe some doritos