Deep Thoughts During School

My kids got deep today and realized that if other things had not happened to me (in the past) they would not be alive. At least, Eraser Eater and the Girl were talking about it. The Oldest was doing a math problem and listening in. 

"I mean, if you hadn't met Dad, we wouldn't even exist!" Eraser Eater scratched his head, "That's pretty scary!"

"Yeah," mouthed the Girl, dotting an "i". 

The Oldest looked up, "It's not too scary. I would still exist and that is what's most important."

"Oh good grief," I said.

"What?! It wouldn't be scary. Eraser Eater and the Girl would not even exist, so I would have no knowledge of them to mourn!"

We all rolled our eyes. 

"Just get back to work."


DFTF said...

I remember being blown away as a kid by the fact that I exist. I think it hits all of us at some time or another, and maybe that awareness is part of the spark of the divine.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Since I was the youngest of three, my older brother was always telling me the family secret, that I was the adopted one. I told him that I was the chosen one, so there! My mom said that it took a really long time to convince me that I was not adopted, and that only one of us was even planned. Of course, I was the planned third child that came five years after the two unplanned ones. I just know it!

Bee Repartee said...

That's pretty intuitive for your kids. Mine just ask me when dinner is ready and if they can wear their school clothes to bed.