Things Learned This Week

*I have discovered that Joseph Smith sort of scares me. His plaster face mask doesn't help matters.

*I am disappointed I guess that Palin is a fumbler and doesn't quite know what she is talking about. I guess I don't really care if people have enough experience to do the presidential job; I am sure Obama would do a great job (I just think he would make some horrible decisions that would change this country not for the good). I don't worry about his inexperience. I don't worry about Palin's either, although it does help that McCain seems to know what he is talking about. And it also helps that he winked at me in the Capitol Building. 

*I have been so tired in the middle of the day each day no matter what I do to change it that it worries me. Does every thirty year old mother get like this? I expected this to happen maybe when I was forty or fifty, but thirty? 

*I really like mineral make-up.

*I freeze up under pressure.

*I can tolerate college football.

*My coffee pot just biffed it today after nine years of service. Guess I am using the french press from now on! Things keep breaking down this year. I mean, seriously. It is depressing. I could name about twenty but won't bore you.

*Claritin is better than Zyrtec.

*People like to ignore me.

*It is really great when your car passes inspection.

*God loves me with a love untainted and strong. 


Des said...

So when McCain winked at you, did you wink back?
Also, have you had your iron levels checked? I have found that Floradix, a liquid supplement I get at the health food store, has really helped me with the tiredness. I had no idea I was anemic.
Although we are women that appear on the surface to have very different views on things, we have many things in common.
Although my car did not pass inspection this week, I recently discovered mineral makeup and I LOVE it! and I broke another coffee pot this week.
I would find it hard to ignore you. I hope you feel better soon, and if you don't feel well, may God's love keep you uplifted.

DFTF said...

That John McCain is a winker, for sure. I've noticed that.

I love mineral makeup too, and I was very tired in my thirties. I am still tired. I am thinking I will be tired till the day I die. I've accepted it.

Dapoppins said...

I am tired all the time too. It is darn frustrating that I can't keep up with the kids.

I like sweaters.

Our car needs new tags. I think that means inspection too.
Thanks for reminding me.

Mrs. Sinta said...

I learned something this month that has helped me a little with tiredness. My trainer said that you should eat something with some carb and some protein within 30 minutes of finishing each workout. An energy bar can work or a pbj sandwich can work too. She said that there is a short window of time after working out in which the cells in your body are much more receptive to food for energy. I only mention it because I was falling asleep sitting up until I started following her advice. I hope this helps.

I am sorry that things keep breaking.

R said...

Des--I did not wink back at Mr. McCain, I just smiled like an idiot. Yep, I have had my iron checked.
I can't believe all that happened to you this week too!! Good grief! I finally broke down and threw my coffee pot away.Thanks for your kind words.

dftf---Oh no!!!! Say it ain't so!

Dapoppins---Glad I could be of service! :)

Hey Shealy---That could help a lot, actually. I never feel hungry immediately after a run, I suppose I should stuff my face!!! I am going to scale it down this week and eat less sugar but I will eat after this run and see how I feel today. I think my issue could be a sugar overload/too much energy being expelled/sugar addiction. Not quite sure though but I will test it.

Natalie said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I especially liked the photo of L and my son eating the apples... :)

It was fun.
Hope you are doing well this week, busy and all!

R said...

Nat---That is a cute photo.

We are all faring well. Nothing much to report except that there is a cat carcass in my back yard and vultures are swooping down to dine. So gross...

The Doozie said...

obama is a trojan horse.

i hate politics

people don't ignore me, they hate me.

is there something different about your template?