We are planning on getting a turtle for the kids as a pet. You know, you read a lot about them when you look them up and they seem like they are a lot of work, but then again, if you read about how to care for a dog they seem like they are a lot of work as well.

We are thinking a box turtle about the size of a fist and from what I understand, they do not get any bigger than that (although I would love to get one that gets huge---I have fond memories of a neighborhood turtle that I rode on the shell of when I was little). Dear Sir is not up for anything bigger. He is petrified of birds and other sorts of reptiles, so a turtle is what will work besides a fish (like our dear departed Hemingway). I did not mention to you that Eraser Eater is allergic to cats and dogs.

Anyone own a turtle or have any advice? I am thinking of purchasing one this weekend. Any comments, advice, words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

My brothers and I always had pet turtles of some kind. One time my brother found a baby turtle and kept it as a pet...turned out it was a snapping turtle.

One word of advice which is probably redundant, but make sure the kids always wash their hands after touching the turtle. They tend to carry salmonella.

Hope you and your family are well. Have loved reading the chronicles of the Wilhelm family!


Rick Capezza said...

Yeah, yeah, salmonella. Big time carrier.

I had box turtles and snapping turtles growing up (that we caught in our neighborhood). We also had red-eared sliders, which is my personal turtle preference. Ah, memories. Good times.

R said...

I had a petsmart manager give me the total "it is totally not ok for you to buy a turtle" speech today. I am really discouraged. She literally said that to me. She said that with little kids it is a no no and she would not recommend it. She also said that they do not carry them because they can not keep them alive at the store. Nice. That is a bad sign to me. I can hardly keep fish alive, so if a pet store can't keep turtles alive, how am I going to do it?
I actually tried to buy that fish again today---the Hemingway replacement. Since I did not have my tank set up yet (it has to be up and running for a week before putting a fish in) they pretty much refused to sell one to me. I mean, they would have sold it, but they were really reluctant and determined that once I got home it would die by tomorrow. The lady even asked me how the last fish died, and I told her that I executed the one for killing the other. She told me that I should not have put the two in the tank together. Not enough space for two fish. Little does she know that her fellow employee down yonder told me it was perfectly fine so I didn't say anything. She gave me a shocked side-long glance when I told her that I personally flushed one down the toilet as punishment for nipping at the other one. I don't blame her, it DOES sound a little harsh, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Now I am thinking we should just bite the bullet and get a little dog. I know Eraser Eater is allergic, but he is not really THAT allergic. He is way more allergic to cats. He was walking a friend's dog yesterday and had such a good time. It made me sad.

The lady at the petstore tried to talk me into a ferret, snake, lizard, bird, snake, or hampster, but I had to explain to her that my husband is petrified, disgusted, and sickened by any of those suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Maltese dogs are hypo allergenic. They are small and quite friendly if you do decide to bite the bullet and get a dog.

Sorry you're discouraged about the pets. They're tough-we went through dogs at my house about like you've gone through goldfish. They would run away or get stolen or something much worse. Was pretty traumatic at times.