Being Ill

I have the world's worst common cold and everyone else has it too. Wonderful, eh?

I am heavily active and it has kicked my butt. I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours while the kids watched a plethora of cartoons, and that only gave me enough energy to make a little lunch for the kids. I ate a Cliff Bar. It is sad when you can't even taste. What is the point in eating, I say, if I can't even taste the food.

I never watch TV. It is funny to see my kids' reactions to commercials and whatnot. There was an E-Harmony commercial. My oldest asked, "What is this? A place where a guy can meet chicks?"

"Chicks?" I asked.

"Yeah, I have heard some people call girls 'chicks.'"

"Wonderful. Don't say that," I cough out.

"I thought you meant chickens," Eraser-Eater breathed (he is asthmatic) and then took a swig of his gatorade.

"By the way," my oldest said to me,"why are you watching TV with your mouth open?"

"I can't breathe out of my nose," I said.

"Oh good. That's a relief," my son says, placing the back of his hand on his forehead," I was starting to think that you were truly becoming a couch potato zombie!"

Did I tell you that I never watch TV and am usually very active? Consider my butt kicked.

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