Grant Lee

Grant Lee Phillips has a new album out called Nineteeneighties. It consists of some of the underground stuff (covers) from the time of the Breakfast Club and Atari. It is mellow (just my style) and pleasant. He does "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)"by REM, "Boys Don't Cry" by the Cure,
"Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loves Me" by the Smiths, "Wave of Mutilation" by the Pixies, etc.

I am totally bummed because Grant Lee was in Arlington a few days ago (I know, I had the sickness really bad then anyway) and I did not know it until I went on his website. I feel stupid. I am just hoping he comes around again.


Alisa said...

Well, I swim for the public highschool. I was in their cafeteria the other day, I think it was the most depressing part of my whole week.

R said...

I am sorry to hear about that. High School is quite depressing. Especially the cafetria.

Your take on that is very amusing though. Are you considered a Freshman or a Sophomore?