I am leaving today for Milwaukee. My best friend from third grade will meet me at the airport and then we will go to this bachelorette party for someone my friend does not know---but she has to come because I have to see her and I have not seen her in ages. She is one of the few most amazing people I have ever met. She struck my fancy, I guess.

I am supposed to sing on Saturday with my friend Diane, who is yet another friend. To make matters clear, she is the woman who sings back up for me on any song on my music site. She is so gifted. Since I am not as gifted as she is at the guitar (yet---let's pray I get better soon for my own sake!) she is playing guitar and singing back up with me (or lead, who knows how things work out) for this Wedding.

The bride is a woman I know who is the sister of another dear friend. The bride is this fabulous writer---her poetry (and I don't care for poetry) makes me weep. The bride's sister is another writer, and her stories that she has written of other people's testimonies just breaks my heart. The only person missing is L., who when she is absent, everyone notices and is sad.

God has given me many friends, am I crazy not to admit it! The only thing is that they are all far away and I have moved away from them.

Ann has taught me to be myself and not be ashamed of it. She told me I was beautiful when the school kids said I was ugly.

Jade has taught me to not have self-pity. She taught me to shut my mouth and be respectful. She told me things straight and told me in love.

Diane has taught me as always the beauty of friends and music. Some women blend together the best even when they are not biological "sisters". She also taught me that wine and pizza taste good together. She also taught me that I can get on the freeway and not panic.

L. has taught me that some friends will die for you.

Sure, I am singing for my friend's wedding, but I am really just happy to see all the people I love.

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