The new Keane album called Under the Iron Sea is amazingly good. It is everything I love about European rock/pop. If you love Coldplay, get it. You absolutely must.

I was trying to choose between getting this album and getting a book called Melmoth the Wanderer.

It was really nice. My neighbor came over and took care of the kids while Dear Sir and I went out. We had not been out in four months (alone). ---Except maybe when Dear Sir's sister took care of the kids when we were at the beach and we got some time alone then. In a way, it has been good for us to have the kids with us all the time. It has sure helped us to develop some kind of patience. So, we went to an Italian Restaurant (where Dear Sir could get some pizza and I could get some lasagna that did not make me sick like the kind I make) and then to Borders. Of course Dear Sir got some book on Orthodoxy or something.

Although the book sounded pretty cool (reminded me of something by Dostoyevsky), I could not resist getting a new CD by Keane. I figured that the book would probably sit on the shelf for a long spell anyway---no one reads that stuff except me.

I will write more interesting things later. I have hoards of laundry to fold and many other things to accomplish.

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