I am so SICK of people not following through on stuff. What is it today that you call a place (like your internet provider) and they reserve the right to hang up on you because of the large call volume, or they just don't fix the problem, or they tell you that you ask "silly" questions and send you off to another department for the umpteenth time.

There was this girl who said that she would give my kids private swimming lessons for free. She was going to come to my pool and do it during regular hours. She took forever to call me back constantly, and she was unclear in anything she said to me. All I knew was that she was going to work with me at my pool with my children. She calls me three weeks or more later telling me that I have to go to a particular pool to get lessons from her for free and they are on such and such dates and I need to call the pool for info. I call the pool. I am not a "qualified" resident for the free lessons, lo and behold. I call the girl up to see what is what. The mother answers the phone and has a sweet sing-songy voice---very condescending. "That is UNFORTUNATE. Why are you calling us?"


Get out of my face. I don't care what I said I would do. We did our best. Leave us alone. I don't have to explain anything to you. You are garbage. I don't care what I told you I would do. I don't care. You are crap. Go away. Don't call me. Why would you call me about it? This is your problem.

Uh, gag me with a spoon.

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