So I am back. Everything went well, the music was great, the vocals were greater than I would have hoped, and the wedding was a success. People cried when Diane and I sang, and we got a sea of compliments. I feel a little overwhelmed by it.

I will write more later; I am tired now. I had the pleasure of meeting Bethany Wilkins and we both laughed when we found that we both know Rick and Rachel Capezza. Small world.

The kids missed me. I came home to Eraser Eater being sick with a cold, my daughter with a rash/scab on her chin, and my oldest otherwise alright. The house is immaculate, I must say. Dear Sir comes from a line of very clean Norwegians.

I better go to bed. It will be nice to sleep!


Rick Capezza said...

Um, you met them in Milwaukee?

Rick Capezza said...

Er, her.

R said...

Yes, for Mary Abshire's wedding. Bethany was a bridesmaid. Mary lives in Kenosha (forty minutes past Milwaukee). Her sister, Jade, who I am close friends with, lives there too.

They are very familiar with the Wilsons in Moscow (since they are originally from there).