Eraser Eater is a Freak

Breakfast with Eraser Eater is a unique experience. He sits down with all of us (everyone is wearing what they wore to bed the night before) and then jolts up from the table and runs upstairs.

"He's getting a shirt for me again," my oldest says under his breath.

Eraser Eater, sure enough, comes down with a garment dangling from his hands and then throws it at my oldest.

"Here, put this on," he whimpers.

This morning it was a little different. I did not know how to deal with the situation. My oldest revolted and said, "Now [Eraser Eater], you are going to HAVE to just get used to eating breakfast while I don't have a shirt on, and that's it!!!"

Eraser Eater twitched around in agony, moaned and whined, and said, "But I CAN'T! It makes me lose my appetite! I will not eat breakfast until you are done then!"

I had to intervene at this point. I understand the whole not being able to eat while something is before me. Like coins, for example. I remember having to stick a piece of paper on top a pile of change if it were sitting on the table as a kid. ---This was not a rare occurrence; my family was a messy lot. It was often hard for me to see people just woken up with eye snot in their eyes---and then to be expected to eat! I completely understand this. Maybe it is mean, I don't know. I just dealt with it though. I put pieces of paper over the pile of change; I averted my eyes. I remember refusing to use certain spoons (especially because I hated metal, but I would only use the least decorated and worn kind)--so I understand fully Eraser Eaters aversion to using large utensils and crazy stuff like that.

I told my oldest to just make him happy and put the shirt on. He reluctantly did it and Eraser Eater sat down in peace, putting cream in his cereal, shoveling the spoon in his mouth. He is so particular.

"Now stop chewing with your mouth open!" He tells my oldest, "It grosses me out!"


Jeannie said...

this takes me back to my childhood...and it makes me laugh. thanks, Rachel!! :) we miss you guys!!

Emily said...

My son has issues with cheese and pasta. Doesn't do well when others are eating the cheese and/or pasta in his presence.

He also doesn't like it when kernels of corn fall on the floor.

We have a thing where we just put napkin (cloth) over our heads with someone else is grossing us out at the dinner table. Makes us all laugh.

I remember when I was a girl fussing at my brothers and sisters for making too much noise when they ate. I particularly had a thing about loud cereal consumption.