Good Morning

Ok, so we are probably not getting the turtle. If you want more information read the comments under the post, "Turtle".

Eraser Eater is in a sort of despair and it is driving me nuts. Oh well.

I have been so lazy and focused on recovering lately, that I have writer's block, cleaner's block, runner's block, reader's block, and anything important and I should do block.

I slept til eight forty-five. [Slap! Slap!]

And I think my daughter is running around without any underwear on. I just caught her getting a couple of sprays from the inhaler that has been hanging around.

And I think also (which I think it totally went over my head at the time but now I remember it) that when I said to the boys, "Go brush your teeth, will ya?" Eraser Eater said, "no" from upstairs.

How do people, when something has sucked about 50% of their brains clean out, get it all back? I have probably blown out snot about comparable to my body weight.

This house is still. That is bad.

Better go.

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