Insomniac Desperation

I am sorry I have not blogged much! I have been working part time, so it has been a little hectic around here. 

I do have some current news I did not have before and I will save it for later. 

I think I left some clothes in the washer from two or three days ago. Yikes. I remembered that as I stayed up all night, hit with an attack of extreme insomnia. I think I got three hours of sleep once I wrote a few emails, read the instruction manual to my new dishwasher that was delivered yesterday morning, and played a few games of solitaire. I know. 

I dreamed about scabies and ticks. For some reason because it is spring I have been very itchy lately, so I feel like bugs are crawling all over me. When I could not fall asleep after three hours of trying, I went downstairs and did the aforementioned things for a spell. Finally I took the Professor's advice that he gives me whenever he hears of an attack of insomnia and downed the last glass of wine in my wine bottle. I didn't even bother to put it in a glass. I was a full-fledged wine-o. I confess. I just uncorked the sucker and drank away. 

I immediately got that Ny-Quil feeling. ---The burning in the stomach, the immediate wooziness in my head from eating no food. Straight to the blood, baby. I went up to bed after that. My mind dithered around for another hour, thinking, "I will wake after three hours with a jolt because alcohol always does that to me," but I just dreamed about ticks and the beach and other weirdness. Just before I drifted off though I remembered that I have a load of white laundry in the washer still from days ago. My heart pounded thinking about it but slowly my mind wandered to other things---ticks, most likely---and soon enough I drifted off. I remember thinking, "I need to make a list...."

Now I am off to washing that load again because I am sure it stinks.


Anonymous said...

I"ve done that before.......
leaving the clothes in the washer not dreaming of tics and drinking from a wine bottle.

I'm having a boring day

Groovy Mom said...

Were you expecting your period? I cannot sleep AT ALL the night before my period starts. When I realize that's what's going on sometimes a benedryl or wine will help. I need more than one glass to get sleepy, though.

Mrs. Sinta said...

I only slept about 4 hours last night too. We are soul sisters.

Uncle Joe said...

As a fellow insomniac and weird dreamer I understand completely. I would probably have to drink a whole bottle of wine to get to sleep though.

R said...

Doozie---You would.

Groovy Mom---Ok. You freak me out. Are you psychic? Yes, that was the case, and yes, we are carbon copies of one another.

Mrs. Sinta---We are indeed soul sisters. I agree.

Uncle Joe--I am probably a lot smaller than you and I had nothing to eat for hours so it goes straight to the brain for me, no matter if it is a glass or half of a glass. One glass did it though.

I don't drink that much either. Just a few glasses of wine a week and an occasional gin and tonic.