Walkersville, MD

Hey chick from Walkersville, Md:

Quit using my blog to stalk people I know. That also includes the times you get on my blog from Frederick, Md. as well. I know who you are----you have no business harassing people. The fact that you use my blog name in a google search every single day so you can stalk someone is an insult and a violation. Quit NOW. I'm pretty much hardly a hop, skip and a jump from where you live too.

Thank you very much ahead of time for your willingness to cooperate. Oh, and in case you didn't know---I read my site meter.



Groovy Mom said...

Now this is why I'm glad you're my friend!

Laura said...

So...I second that blog entry. To the person from Maryland: please, please, please stop trying to peer into our lives. And especially leave my friends out of it. Live your own life. You'll be the happier for it. I know we will be.

To my protector, R, thank you. You are a fierce friend.

Des said...

R, I don't think I would be messing with you. Something tells me you could kick some A.
You would be polite about it, but you would definitely kick some A.

Natalie said...

she can pretty much stop visiting my blog as well. it creeps me out.