One Eye Bigger Than the Other

Yesterday I was reading a friend's blog and she was saying how she has pink eye. Or had it last week. 

I just woke up this morning and what do you know, I have pink eye. No joke. 

As I was trying to get out of bed my mind was wandering. I was thinking of a past time I had pink eye in high school. Of course, I never went to the doctor because my parents did not have insurance, so if I ever came down with something I had to be dying. 

I remember being in the lunch court with my brother (we did hang out in school, weirdly enough) and some guy was mad at me for something, I don't remember. He came right up to me and threatened me. I remember it was some misunderstanding; he was mad about something I did but it was not intentional. He was so angry he yelled in a dumb and weak sort of way, "Shut the h--- up, you---you----you one eye bigger than the other!!!!"

When I woke up this morning one eye did indeed look bigger than the other. 

I am angry. I hate pink eye. I had it once when I got back from a plane trip to my Grandmother's funeral when the kids were little. I spread it all through the house and it took us a couple of months to stop it. I am not joking. I was so depressed by the second month of pink eye I started to think I was going crazy. Finally I got this crazy idea of infecting everyone at the same time and then cleaning the linens all in one pop on the same day. That is the only thing that worked. I haven't had it since----until now. 

Whenever pink eye or the look of it comes my way I panic. 


Des said...

Have any friends who are nursing mothers? Breastmilk applied to the eye works wonders - it's just a matter of getting some...
When we had an outbreak I had to Clorox all the toys and disinfect every surface of the house. Hope you rid yourself of the evil Pink eye soon.

Groovy Mom said...

Have you ever see the movie "Knocked Up"? This group of room mates all get pink eye because they farted on each others pillows with no underwear on or something like that. HILARIOUS. Raunchy movie, but really funny.

Joel and Rachel Wilhelm said...

No kidding.