We are going to a retreat this weekend but I will leave you with my number three. :) I hope you guys all have a great next few days!!

My number three is that I never know when to quit. 

If I did not have the Professor there to tell me to stop things, like raking leaves until my hands bleed or until dark, I would never stop. The same thing goes to just about everything else. I refuse to give up and trust me, it sounds like a good trait, but really it can quickly turn into a bad one. 

I am presently working in a shoe dept. of a well-known dept. store. Sometimes shoes are misplaced and it takes going through the whole stock room to find them. The other night I had a customer wait a whole half hour (with my going out from time to time to assure her I am still looking---and she was really nice about it and said she would have no problems waiting) for a shoe search. By the end of the half hour my fellow associate came to me and said, "Hey, you've got to stop. The store is closing in one minute. Really, we can take her number and take care of this tomorrow."

I think if he hadn't said that I would have kept going all night. Heaven forbid I work by myself!!

I have a dear friend who told me that she would rather have my trait of never quitting because she can go out and mow the lawn and want to quit half way through. She has to remind herself of her ancestors, strong and hearty, who plowed for hours to produce a harvest. She said even the guilt of that is not powerful enough to make her continue. 

I don't know quite what makes me keep going. I think it is because I have this goal and if I don't meet it I feel like a failure. I refuse to fail. I will bleed before I fail. If I didn't set a goal I wouldn't give a rip, actually. 

Goals are the devil.


Groovy Mom said...

I don't have trouble knowing when to quit, but I do have trouble getting started. Usually when I start, though, I finish the job, or I used to. I finish less these days. No, come to think of it, I have an unfinished project from when I was 19 sitting in my night stand. lol! Okay, so I don't know when to start and I quit too early. I suck. lol!

Anonymous said...

what? HUH???

all I heard out of that was you have a job? when did this happen and why. You need to email me cause I'm too retarded and slow to keep up AND work at a job
plus I'm almost out of soap and I need some of your wonderful, splendiferous, aromatic creations

Mrs. Sinta said...

Wow! A retreat...I would be jealous if I were not so happy for you!

Uncle Joe said...

we could seriously use someone with your skills in Oklahoma.
tell the Prof. that you guys are headed to the land of Will Rogers.
Cains coffee on every streetcorner.

Avery Gray said...

I'm like your friend. I always stop in the middle of a job and have a hard time finishing. It's a mental thing, I think, though God only knows why that is. I even wanted to give up halfway through delivering my son. And if it had been an option, I probably would have taken it! Of course, he had other plans.